Why IVM?

Unlock the Future

We don’t just operate to standard – We set the standard.

Our history speaks volumes, shaping a new era of success for your venue. With global recognition and local innovation, we lead the charge in redefining venue operations excellence worldwide

Venue Management 3.0

Venue Management 3.0 signifies IVM's transformative role as a strategic partner, guiding organisations beyond conventional venue management. It involves providing comprehensive advice, operational expertise, and domain-specific innovations to propel venues into a future defined by excellence and industry leadership.

Efficient Strategy

IVM acts as a unique bridge for organisations seeking advanced venue management and consultative guidance, exceeding traditional solutions for security, team structure, and operations.

Future-Focused Guidance

IVM's end-to-end approach includes advising and implementing significant upgrades in processes, technology, sales strategies, and overall venue operations.

Supportive Strategies

We distinguish ourselves by not only designing new strategies but also supporting with recruiting, executing, and mentoring local teams to run enhanced venues effectively.
International Venue Management – Venue Management 3.0

Our expertises

Partner with IVM

With extensive experience highlighted by a substantial portfolio of £500+ million projects in sports and leisure capital expenditure programs, ranging from greenfield projects to venue revitalization, we bring seasoned expertise to the table. Our team of highly experienced IVM Associates continues to grow, ensuring a wealth of knowledge and proficiency. Committed to international best practices, we maintain an in-depth understanding and strict adherence to global standards.

Additionally, our global presence is solidified with IVM Associates strategically positioned in China and Saudi Arabia, further enriching our capabilities and reach.
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