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Meet the IVM team

Find out more about the architects of IVM including our founding partners and industry specialists – all dedicated to driving the evolution of venue management.
Philip Shepherd – Chairman, International Venue Management

Philip Shepherd

Philip is a strategy and finance specialist, advising companies on their international growth strategies, operating models, pricing structures and business plans. He has experience across the sports, entertainment and leisure sectors. He is a former Partner at PwC where he led the Hotels, Leisure and Attractions practice in the UK and Middle East.
A photo of Rob Quick

Rob Quick

Founding Partner
As a founding partner of IVM, Rob leads on all commercial delivery. He has worked with many of the world’s leading sports clubs and federations and has delivered commercial solutions for clubs, venues and events globally.
Angus Houston – Founding Partner, International Venue Management

Angus Houston

Founding Partner
As a founding partner of IVM, Angus leads on all operational delivery. He has worked extensively across the sport and leisure sectors and has fully managed venues from racecourses to exhibition centres.
Bekah West – Customer Journey & PMO Associate, International Venue Management

Bekah West

Customer Journey & PMO Associate
Bekah has over a decade of management experience in the events industry. She has previously led the ticketing account team at ACC Liverpool, managed tour planning, ticketing and marketing operations for international event promoters, and managed ticketing operations for the Saudi Cup 2020 & 2023. Bekah is a certified Prince2 practitioner.
Anthony Frost – International Project Director,  International Venue Management

Anthony Frost

International Project Director
Anthony has a breadth of operations experience working in stadia and racecourses. Anthony prepares venues for major events and manages all operational stakeholders to optimise venue performance.
Gill Howarth – HR Associate,  International Venue Management

Gill Howarth

HR Associate
Gill focuses on what is arguably every organisation's most important aspect, its people. CIPD qualified, Gill has worked at a senior level in sectors from sport, leisure and retail to destination attractions.
Imad M. Bitar – Saudi Arabia Associate, International Venue Management

Imad M. Bitar

Saudi Arabia Associate
IMB is a high‐performing, strategic‐thinking and driven individual with years of event services and experiences in various business & government industries and within a multitude of settings, experiences & environments.
Tim Hymans – Senior Marketing Associate,  International Venue Management

Tim Hymans

Senior Marketing Associate
Tim is a marketing specialist with a particular focus on technology that allows organisations to ‘do more with less.’ Tim drives new leads, repositions brands, builds competent and successful teams, implements new technology and ultimately delivers better customer value.
Tim Banfield – Venue Consultant Associate, International Venue Management

Tim Banfield

Venue Consultant Associate
Tim is a venue management professional who has worked for some of the UK’s major venues including the NEC, SECC, ACC Liverpool, and latterly as executive director of Doncaster Racecourse.
Dominic Fleming – 
Venue Sales Associate, International Venue Management

Dominic Fleming

Venue Sales Associate
Dominic is one of the most accomplished and well-regarded sales executives in the sporting, confex and leisure industries. His track record reflects an unparalleled success in establishing and growing venue sales, through a simple approach of people relationships and processes, combined with an instinctive recognition of market position.
Andrew Kyle – Contracts & Supplier Lead Associate, International Venue Management

Andrew Kyle

Contracts & Supplier Lead Associate
Andrew brings tender management expertise, procurement and operational efficiency with him to IVM. Andrew has worked in the hospitality and facilities management industries for over 30 years. Andrew has multi-sector experience from Theme Parks to contracting and brings a good depth of knowledge within these roles.
Jamie Arnall – 
Legal Associate, International Venue Management

Jamie Arnall

Legal Associate
Jamie supports and executes all legal elements of the client business dynamic relating to supply chains, commercial partnerships and people. Jamie has the skills to tackle any legal negotiation regardless of complexity, relationship type or size of supplier.
John Jackson – Venue Mobilisation Associate,  International Venue Management

John Jackson

Venue Mobilisation Associate
John has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality, events and leisure industry. He has worked at the most senior level of venue operations and service provision and has managed building and contract implementation projects at some of Europe’s premier venues.
Steven Coleman – Security and Safety Associate, International Venue Management

Steven Coleman

Security & Safety Associate
Steven is an industry-recognised event safety, crowd management and security specialist with over 15 years of experience in planning and delivering some of the world’s largest sporting, concert, festival and conference-based events.
Paul Andrews Garth – 
Heritage Associate, International Venue Management

Paul Andrews Garth

Heritage Associate
Paul has created an enviable portfolio of experience, from development work streams for the National Trust, to commercial design and build of theatres and stadia. Internationally Paul has worked in the US, EU and Far East. With 25 years of operational and analytic experience to call on, he will create options for any scenario with stakeholders.
Mario Zambas – 
Technology Lead, International Venue Management

Mario Zambas

Technology Lead
Mario is a venue and entertainment technology professional with over 20 years experience of working in high-profile global venues. Mario has extensive experience internationally in the technical activation and management of sports events, retail, leisure, consultancy, construction, FMCG, and manufacturing business sectors. Mario has held senior positions in Abu Dhabi Motorsports, Dubai Sports City and Formula 1. Mario is a Prince2 Qualified Project Manager.
Phil Cottier – Senior Customer Experience Associate, International Venue Management

Phil Cottier

Senior Customer Experience Associate
Phil is a strategist focusing on agency selection and campaign management across all marketing channels. Phil creates engagement plans then implements them with the “right fit” agencies globally and ensures delivery and execution are maximised and streamlined delivering single message communication across multiple agencies.
Anna Rossier – EU Associate, International Venue Management

Anna Rossell

EU Associate
Anna is a specialist event coordinator and project manager, making sure all events run on time and every event happens exactly as planned. She has plenty of experience managing cultural and music events from start to finish including budgeting, planning, managing logistics or coordinating the rest of the production team.
Artemi Daniliuk – EU Associate,  International Venue Management

Artemi Daniliuk

EU Associate
Artemi is a digital marketing specialist with event production experience. He makes brands visible, present and solidifies them in the online world, while analysing every bit of data to make sure the results are the best possible.
Sam Harte – Marketing International Venue Management

Sam Harte

Sponsorship Associate
Sam is an accomplished professional with extensive international experience in sponsorship strategy, sales and execution. He has worked with leading rights holders and brands across a range of industries including sports, tourism, FMCG, thoroughbred, hospitality and gaming globally.
Craig Cadwaldr –, 
PMO Support Associate
 International Venue Management

Craig Cadwaladr

Operations Associate
Craig has an excellent pedigree in VIP event liaison and operational delivery. His background is in globally recognised 5*hotels and executive management roles at a number of high-profile venues and events. Craig headed up the guest services operations for the inaugural SaudiCup.