What we do

Transform your venue

with IVM's Operational Expertise

 Our team optimises not just operations but paves the way for Venue Management 3.0 – a strategic leap into the future of venue excellence by overseeing all stakeholder requirements.

We achieve this through two core business functions: 
Venue Mobilisation by International Venue Management

Venue Mobilisation

IVM offers venue mobilisation services to venue and event owners across 10 core areas, such as marketing and comms, venue functionality, recruitment and financial management.

IVM will produce the full venue operating manual, create all the processes required to deliver the venue, populate the diary/deliver content, market the venue to required audiences, recruit & train a local team and then handover and mentor as required.

Venue Consultancy by International Venue Management

Venue Consultancy

IVM's consultancy services will optimise your procurement and supply chain for operational excellence.

Our bid management support is designed to place you ahead of the competition and we’ll leverage data through feasibility studies to guarantee that your venues, events, and destinations are set for success.
Commercially IVM can help in a number of ways. This could include a full sponsorship or ticketing strategy.

Array of Services

This array of services, blending strategic innovation with hands-on management, transforms stakeholder experiences, catapulting venues to the forefront of innovation and operational distinction.

Marketing & Comms

IVM helps your brand tell its story in a way that resonates with audiences, driving audience engagement, and helping you to stand out in the market.

VENUE mobilisation

Operating Company Governance

IVM guides businesses to work responsibly and effectively, making sure your protocols and compliance operations meet and surpass standards while staying true to your goals.



IVM works with you to create concepts and strong partnerships, developing plans that help your business grow and succeed in the global market.


Functionality of Venue

IVM plans spaces that are practical, flexible, and perfect for hosting memorable events that meet your needs, regardless of complexity.


Contract Site Delivery Methodology (Supply Chain)

IVM organises the steps and suppliers needed to deliver a project on time and within budget, making sure everything runs smoothly and that the outcome meets your expectations.


Recruitment & Onboarding

IVM searches, recruits and welcomes new team members in a way that gets them up to speed and fits in with your company’s operational structure as quickly as possible.


Business Plan Sales/Infrastructure

IVM creates business, operations and sales plans that help you approach your market more effectively while building a stronger base for your business to grow.


Operating Functionality

IVM designs, develops and implements day-to-day operations ensuring your business works smoothly, andefficiently, and is ready to adapt to changing needs.


Financial Management

Prudent and forward-thinking, IVM's financial management ethos is rooted in maximising returns, mitigating risks, and fostering a culture of fiscal accountability foryour business.


Handover/Integration Process to Local Team/Operator

IVM's handover and integration processes are designed for continuity and empowerment, ensuring that your local team is fully equipped to maintain operational excellence and uphold service integrity.


Procurement and Supply Chain

IVM redefines your procurement and supply chain management, delivering cost-effective solutions and nurturing partnerships that contribute to a competitive business proposition.


Bid Management

IVM’s bid management process is built around meticulous research, detailed planning and compelling proposal narratives to consistently help you secure wins in competitive bids.


Feasibility Studies for Venues, Events and Destinations

Underpinned by data-driven insights and strategic foresight, IVM assesses the practicality of venues, events, and destinations, evaluating their potential and providing you a clear roadmap for success.


Commercial and Sponsorship Strategy

IVM International's commercial and sponsorship strategy integrates global partnerships, innovative marketing initiatives, and targeted sponsorships to enhance brand visibility, drive revenue growth, and foster strategic collaborations across diverse markets.

The sectors we support.

We pioneer strategies with the expertise to assess, advise, and support venue & event operations in the following sectors:
Large indoor arena used for motorsport event

Immersive Experience Venues

Venues where the infrastructure itself is intricately woven into the fabric of the entertainment experience:

Themed Attractions, Family Entertainment & Leisure Venues
An image of the bridge to Eilean Donan, a Scottish castle

Cultural Retreats

Venues where either the architecture itself or the captivating surroundings act as catalysts for tourism:

Heritage Properties, Estates and Destinations
Twickenham rugby ground before an international match

Dynamic Event Spaces

Venues that function as flexible canvases, purely facilitating and enhancing the focus of engagement—the event itself:

Sporting Stadia, Arenas & Convention Centres