Al Dana Amphitheatre

Al Dana Amphitheatre
Operational mobilisation of a new venue in Bahrain
Al Dana Amphitheatre
August 14, 2023


A new 10,000 seat amphitheatre was completed in 2019. It is situated in the footprint of the Bahrain International Circuit (the home of the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix) and the new Bahrain International Conference & Exhibition Centre.

The venue had to shut before it actually opened due to Covid-19. Post the pandemic IVM were appointed to open the venue.


There was no resource in place to open the venue. The first band (an international act) was booked and scheduled to play in November 2021. There were no venue documentation and certainly no venue Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual.


The primary objectives were:

  • Fully map all the venue operating procedures
  • Develop the venue supply-chain infrastructure
  • Establish consistent revenue streams to ensure sustainability and growth
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Solutions Implemented

Strategic Approach:
International Venue Management (IVM) fully assessed the venue and the destination – and from that fact-find could utilise their global venue management experience to deliver a meaningful venue strategy for the Al Dana Amphitheater.

Action Steps

  • Map the venue and provide the full operational guidelines for the different content going into the venue
  • Provide the methodology for securing the right and efficient supply chain
  • Provide the financial management infrastructure to assess profitability by event type

Results Achieved

Quantitative Outcomes: 7 sell-out events (70,000 tickets sold) in the first 3 months and continued success

Qualitative Outcomes: a framework was delivered to manage the venue that is still utilised today

“IVM took a venue with no operational infrastructure and left us with a venue fit for purpose. The team provided a detailed SOP Manual which is the go-to document for the whole team today. It is clear that IVM got us started on a very professional basis.”
Shane Chambers
CEO, Al Dana Amphitheater

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